Dancing Schnauzer Funny Video | Schnauzer Caught On Camera

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This dancing Schnauzer funny video is originally from the folks at Furbo, the interactive dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even give treats to your dog when you’re away. Take a look – this funny Schnauzer video is just 32 seconds long – and then scroll down to learn more about Furbo if you think it might be a fit for you and your Schnauzer!

Anxious about leaving your Schnauzer home alone?

Meet Furbo, the world’s first pet camera designed by and for pet parents.

Furbo is a pet camera that lets you watch, talk and toss treats to your Schnauzer from anywhere in the world with an easy-to-install smartphone app. It has a 160-degree, wide-angle HD camera with night vision so you can see everything your dog is up to – day or night.

You can also speak through the app to calm them down or even have Furbo give them a treat! The 2-way audio feature means they’ll never feel alone again – something that’s especially important if your Schnauzer suffers from separation anxiety!

And if your Schnauzer does start barking, Furbo’s Bark Alert feature sends push notifications straight to your phone so you know what’s going on at home.

So, if you don’t like leaving your dog at home alone, and you want to be able to check up on him while you’re away, have a look at the Furbo Dog Camera today!

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