Mini Schnauzer Meets Singing Mouse – Adorable Schnauzer Toy!

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A great Schnauzer toy is worth its weight in gold! Schnauzers just love toys and every Miniature Schnauzer owner would love to find a mini schnauzer toy that delights their dog. This video of a Miniature Schnauzer’s encounter with a singing mouse is just too cute and adorable for words! Scroll down a bit to watch it in full.


doozie loves her mouseI actually found the video while browsing YouTube and enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t resist searching Amazon for “schnauzer toy singing mouse” and there it was, the Deedle Dude (#CommissionsEarned). We did end up buying it for our Mini, Lexie, but she still prefers her Lambchop dog toy (#CommissionsEarned). That said, our Standard Schnauzer, Doozie, just loves this mouse, as you can see in the photo.

Whether or not the Deedle Dude is the right toy for your “Schnauzi”, the video is just too adorable to miss. Enjoy, Schnauzer Book!


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