Can Schnauzers Eat Bananas?

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If you’ve ever asked, “Can schnauzers eat bananas?” the answer is yes. Bananas are a good source of nutrients. especially B vitamins, Vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and manganese. Bananas are also a potent source of dietary sugars, so it’s probably best to make a banana an occasional treat given the fact that Schnauzers, especially Miniature Schnauzers, are more prone to diabetes than other breeds. Also, try to avoid feeding your Schnauzer the banana peel, as the peel is hard to digest and could potentially cause an abdominal blockage.

While it may be true that all Schnauzers can eat bananas, it’s just as true that not every Schnauzer will. Like all dogs, Schnauzers differ in their likes and dislikes for food. If you’d like to give your favorite Schnauzer a banana as a special treat, experiment with a few different “recipes” to find your Schnauzer’s favorite way of eating this fruit. Mash a banana and add it to your dog’s normal food or mix it with some dog-friendly peanut butter (no xylitol, please!). You can even freeze the whole banana and then cut it into nice, bite-sized slices your dog is sure to enjoy!

Finally, here’s a fun video showing two Schnauzers taste-testing a selection of fruits and veggies. Enjoy!

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